Apple posts 3 New “Get a Mac” Ads


The Mac vs. PC ads are back for the Holiday Season, and late last night Apple posted 3 new entries into the series on Two of the ads, PR Lady and Podium, take some serious jabs at Vista…and I’m afraid their going to come off as pompous. I think their funny…and true…but I’m not sure they’re going to be well received by potential switchers.

The other ad (pictures above) is called Boxer, and focuses on people switching to Macs because of ease of use. The Boxer ad is probably my favorite of these three, but none of them are in my Top 5 of the “Get a Mac” ads.

What do you think?



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  1. is anyone else tired of Mac dude’s ever present hands-in-the-pockets, smug, slightly bemused and disinterested slacker persona? He’s got all the appeal of one of those 80’s Brat-packers.

  2. @ Thomas, I think the point is Mac is the laid back, casual, relaxed user, and just generally happy. I think it represents Mac users pretty well, maybe not when you use a fine comb, but the general idea if Mac users just being happy and relaxed, yea I think that sums up using OS X pretty easy.

    As for the ads I don’t mind them, love the series but the new ones aren’t that great, I wish they’d show more of Leopard. I love the ending of the Podium one though, that made me laugh real hard.