Apple Pay Gets Boost with Priceless Surprises from Gwen Stefani and MasterCard Ad

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In spite of the glitches, skepticism, and flak associated with Apple Pay, the company has high hopes for the technology. It’s not like that Apple is a stranger to glitches after all; and at the end of the day, they somehow turn things around.

The latest effort to push Apple Pay is the combination of the allure of No Doubt front lady Gwen Stefani and major credit card provider MasterCard. An ad titled “Priceless Surprises from Gwen Stefani and MasterCard Ad” has just been released, putting the spotlight on Apple Pay with the promise of “free gifts” for customers who use MasterCard-branded cards via Apple Pay.

In a MasterCard press release, Gwen Stefani is quoted as saying, “I’m excited to be part of a collaboration that offers me the opportunity to connect and engage with fans through amazing surprises when they least expect it. MasterCard is a respected global brand and I look forward to working with them to bring something truly unique to fans.

I’m sure her credit limit makes her happy and excited as well.

From MasterCard’s end, its chief marketing office, Raja Rajamannar, says, “Gwen Stefani’s personal brand, consumer appeal and sheer energy are what make her an ideal partner to serve as an ambassador for our Priceless Surprises platform. This platform has really taken hold and is inspiring a movement of Priceless Surprises whereby we’re providing unexpected surprises to our cardholders and in turn they are sharing surprises with others in their lives. With Gwen’s help we hope to further this movement.

And he’s totally right about her appeal, isn’t he?

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure.

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