Apple confirms October 14th Event

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Apple has released the following image confirming the October 14th special event….

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  1. “the spotlight turns to notebooks”? kind of a lame slogan considering how cool and/or mysterious they usually try to be. still, i’m quite looking forward to seeing what they’ve got up their sleeves this time. not that i’ll replace my trusty 1st gen macbook anytime in the next two to three years, but still.

  2. Sweet, I love watching any keynote product speech, to see the advances.
    By the look of the leaked Photo’s the brick means that the cases are cut out of one piece of Aluminium.
    and have fewer parts. All part and parcel of the new Eco Freindly Apple 馃檪

  3. graeme – you can make that out on the shot? i think not. it’s just a rectangular shape… my macbook looks quite the same when closed. i’m not saying you’re wrong, but that’s definitely nothing you might actually confirm by looking at the picture.

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