Apple brings Samsung to Japan Court, Seeks Product Ban

Apple’s battle with Samsung continues to heat up but looking at the tally, it looks like Apple is gaining an upper hand. First, It gained an injunction against the Galaxy Tab in Germany, and the import of three Samsung products were banned in Europe. Apple may have hit a little snag in Australia but it has now moved its battle with Samsung to Japan.

Apple has filed a suit versus Samsung at the Tokyo District Court. The suit aims to block the Samsung S and Samsung Galaxy S II smartphones as well as the Galaxy Tab 7 tablet from being sold in Japan. Apple’s claim is that Samsung’s products violate the patent on both the iPhone and iPad. Apple further claims that Samsung’s products are merely attempts to copy Apple’s far more popular devices. The court has already conducted the preliminary hearing last Wednesday, September 7. But the court has not yet given any indication on when it will make its ruling. Along with the ban, Apple is also asking for damages amounting to ¥100 million, approximately US$1.3 million.

If the mostly favorable rulings Apple has gotten in Europe will be an indication – Apple may have a good chance of having Samsung’s products banned from being sold in Japan, even if temporarily. Although the ruling in Australia was not exactly what Apple was hoping for, it is still not a totally unfavorable decision. Either way, Apple is doing some damage to Samsung because each import ban imposed by any country will definitely hurt sales, especially for such new products that have not yet gained a traction on the market.

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