Also, it Can Cure Cancer – Apple Files Patent for 3-D Touchscreen for a Tablet

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I was feeling particularly cynical when Franky B pointed this blog post from the Baltimore Sun out to me on Monday, mostly because it was another Tablet reference in a field of other BS rumors, so I put it aside. But, it is news, and now it’s all over the interwebs, so let’s talk about it.

Now, Apple files patents all the time, but this one is a touch different. It describes a method of navigating an operating system on a tablet device in a three-dimensional fashion. I’ve heard all sorts of rumors recently, like that the tablet has a steep learning curve, and that things are very different with the OS, so this might jive. Maybe the OS is similar to Time Machine, where you have to dig back to get different items. It’s a unique concept for sure, but I think it could be pulled off if done correctly.

On the flip side, Apple files patents all the time, so this could just be nothing. Just another magical idea that someone came up with to tease the rest of us. Or, ir could be that unicorn everyone is looking for. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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