30 Days of AppleTV – Day 4

Last night, I decided to try and get caught up on Lost. I failed…but I tried. I downloaded the last two weeks worth of the show. Even though Lost is not in Widescreen on iTunes (which kinda drives me nuts) the video quality is exceptional. I’m very pleased with the overall picture clarity. I didn’t get through the episodes though…so I’m still behind. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up this weekend.

The other thing I tried yesterday was my favorite AppleTV experience so far. I subscribed to a multi-pass for The Daily Show. After dropping my $9.99 for 16 episodes (not a bad deal in my opinion), the previous days episode began downloading immediately. The best part of this, was this is the best The Daily Show has ever looked to me. The picture was sharp…much sharper than viewing the standard def channel on my giant television…and not having to bother fast forwarding through the commercials (because they don’t exist) is just freakin’ awesome. Well worth the .62 or so it costs per episode.

When I awoke this morning, an email alerted me to the next episode of The Daily Show being available. I downloaded and watched it early this morning. The quality was the same, and I have to say…multi-passes like this are my favorite part of the AppleTV experience next to podcasts.

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  1. Well, Michael, My first comment to you was on day 9 but I am asking you a question here on day 4 since you have had this little cutie for 9 days now, Does apple TV stream the content that you are actively downloading right now (I mean when you are downloading it as a movie or long TV show)? thanks.