Deal Spotted: $280 Savings on a 128GB iPad Air 4G LTE

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You’ve got about 15 hours to save $280 on a 128GB iPad Air 4G LTE (and then some)!

We just spotted this awesome deal at Apple Insider, and you really don’t want to miss this. Especially since Father’s Day is just around the corner. Your dad would give you a bear hug for sure. Or, if you’re the dad, then drop a *hint*hint* around the house, but you better be quick.

Apple’s 128GB iPad Air Wi-Fi + 4G LTE
This is completely unlocked, in either Silver or Space Grey. It goes for just $449 (normally $729) with free shipping, a free BlooPro Ultra Clear Anti-Scratch Screen Protector, and no sales tax collected outside NY.

Get the deal before the promo ends or they run out of stock.

If you’ve been wanting an iPad Air, we hope you snatch this one!

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