Widget Watch: Interdimension Media releases MyTube


I haven’t used my Dashboard in a while. In fact – I hardly ever use the Dashboard at all. Still, sometimes a cool widget comes my way, and I like to pass it along. My Tube is such a widget.

Interdimension Media has released this bad boy, and what it does is provide browsing, searching, viewing, and iPod exporting of YouTube videos. It’s features include full browsing/searching of YouTube content, fullscreen playback mode with 4 sizes, video scrubbing, keyboard controls, direct export to iTunes/iPod, and the ability to prevent screen dimming/screensaver during playback.

Now here’s my only problem with it. It SAYS it’s freeware…but if you want the export to iTunes/iPod feature to work, you have to donate $2 or more to the company. That’s NOT freeware. You get 3 free exports to try it out.

click here to download



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