Tweak the Crap Out of Mountain Lion

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Ready to tame the Mountain Lion? OS X’s newest version now has an unofficial companion app that makes it infinitely simpler to access its hidden settings.

Programmer Fredrik Wiker created Mountain Tweaks, a new version of his existing Lion Tweaks, which gives you the ability to play with tools and settings in Mountain Lion with button-click simplicity. All of the functions from Lion Tweaks are included, such as getting rid of that pesky leather-like appearance in iCal that so many users seem to hate, or preventing scrollbars from fading away, so they stay visible at all times. The new Mountain Lion tweaks in the app let you disable GateKeeper, highlight on-screen images that aren’t Retina Display-ready, and more. Wiker plans to add more tweaks on a regular basis.

Wiker is asking for donations for Mountain Tweaks, but the app is also available to download for free if you choose. Get it here.

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