Turn yourself into Santa Claus with SantaSnaps!

santasnapsscreenshot.pngSantaSnaps is pretty much like Photobooth, except it doesn’t have near as many features as Photobooth, and it has a holiday twist.

You can take a photo of yourself, someone you love, or someone you hate for that matter, and deck their halls with enough Christmas cheer to make you puke.

SantaSnaps is a Cocoa Duel project by John Casasanta (Which I believe means “Santa House” in Spanish) and is a fun family time waster.

Just think – when Uncle Carl has one glass of Egg Nog too many, and passes out in your Dad’s recliner, you can take a couple of snapshots, then turn him into an Unconscious Alcoholic Elf.

Holiday Merriment at it’s best!

You can download SantaSnaps here

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  1. please may i santa my self to have a bit of fun i like christmas its fun i kind of like school hope you have a happy christmas wishing you a lovley day on christmas if you desbretly want to now my faimly it is aaron dad and mum 2 kittens

    love anya