The Life of an iPad Stand

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I’m always looking for new stands and new ways to hold my stuff. I currently have a twelvesouth Bookarc for iPad chillin’ on my desk, but I’m always looking for the next big thing. That’s when I came across the Pad Bracket, pictured above. At $24.95 it’s not too bad, but unlike most stands, this one is designed to stay in one place. It’s bolted to a wall via a pair of screws, then it’s not going anywhere. That got me thinking about the iPad and its uses.

I use my iPad mostly for reading. Instapaper is a new favorite of mine, and the Marvel Comics has ruined my life. But I’d also like to use it occasionally in the garage when I’m working on a car, mostly for reference. My wife has considered using it in the kitchen for cooking as well. A stand like this would be nice because it’s got a fixed location wherever you go. If I wanted it in the garage, I could mount it somewhere that it couldn’t get damaged from a flying wrench or errant spark. Maybe it’d work in my son’s room, where we could keep it near the rocking chair, or somewhere else convenient. Or the kitchen, mounted on the inside of a cabinet where it wouldn’t get hurt but was accessible while cooking.

The iPad isn’t like any other device out there, and as such, we have to consider where and how we want to store it. Mine sits on my desk, but maybe yours will be on a buffet somewhere displaying family photos. I’d never consider a stand like this for my MacBook Pro or iPhone, but you know, it kinda makes sense for the iPad.

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3 thoughts on “The Life of an iPad Stand

  1. Here is a good ipad case that converts to a tri fold stand and is handmade ://

  2. A nicer way to go in the kitchen is a retractable undercounter mount. My choice is the Original Kitchen iPad Rack. Simple, elegant and innovative.

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