The Evolution of the Mac and Windows Desktops

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Gizmodo has posted a very large image of the evolution of both the Mac and Windows Operating Systems. It’s interesting to see how much (and in some cases how little) things have changed from update to update.

You can click here to check out the large version of the image and get a good look at how the Desktop has changed over the last couple decades.

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3 thoughts on “The Evolution of the Mac and Windows Desktops

  1. the graphic is a bit flawed in the regard that win ME should come before Win2k, since ME is based on Win 98. Win 2000 is the foundation of XP thus it would also make more sense to see it opposite the OS X beta.

    There would be a clear cut in the evolution of both OSes. Win 2000 and later are based on NT and not Win 95 directly, such as OS X is based on BSD and not OS 9 directly.

  2. Another flaw in the graphic is that it starts with Windows 95. The better parallel for System 7 would have been Windows 3.1. I bought my first Mac with System 7 on it in 1992, a year and a half later, I bought a PC running Windows 3.1, and it was still 2 years till Windows 95 was on the horizon.

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