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If you commute a lot and listen to audio books, then you really only have two options. or CDs. If you buy the books on CD, you may have tried to import an audio book into iTunes in the past – and while it is certainly doable, it’s a pain. You end up with tons of files, no chapter marks, and a general all around mess.

That’s where Audiobook Builder from Splasm Software comes in. Audiobook Builder can take your ripped or downloaded files and organize them into an audio book, including saving them into an iPod compatible audio book format.

If you’re looking for some great FREE audio books, you can find several at Project Gutenberg. There are some great classics there that you can get for free that are read by humans and others read by computers.

MacApper has a full review of Audiobook Builder. You can click here to try it out – a full license costs $9.95.

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2 thoughts on “Software Spotlight: Audiobook Builder

  1. A great Idea that’s screwed up by the crippling!

    I almost bought it but decided not to because the crippling wouldn’t let me test the entire project all the way through.

    I would suggest letting users process two or three projects completely before shutting them off as this would give them a better look at what they are buying!

    I’ll stick with my free, although more of a pain, method for the time being.


  2. If you’re that concerned with cost, try Join Together (Versiontracker has a link) – it’s free, and lets you join tracks, chapterize, and export as an audiobook. ABBuilder IS faster and more feature-rich, but you seem more concerned w/cost than performance, so give Join Together a try.

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