RUMOR: Apple planning biggest “back-to-school” campaign ever


Rumor has it that Apple’s senior vice present Ron Johnson spoke with retail staff recently and told them that Apple was planning their biggest “back-to-school” promo ever. That makes sense with the popularity that Macs have been finding on college campuses, but it leaves plenty of room to speculate on just what the “biggest promo ever” is going to be.

In previous years Apple has offered things like free printers and iPods through rebates of up to $199. There is no word just yet on what they’ll be doing this year, but it is expected to be above and beyond previous efforts.

My guess is they’ll be moving iPod Touches and iPhones through for those that purchase Macbooks when the back-to-school extravaganza gets under way, but we’ll have to wait and see.



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  1. right now, Apple has a deal where students buy a mac and get 300 dollars off one of the Adobe suites.

  2. Probably something to do with moving 3G iPhones. Perhaps a steep student discount. Like buy a MacBook get an iPhone for $99.

  3. From the picture I would say they are giving away overstock on unsold 2g iPod nanos–this can’t be from Apple???