Phishing scam targets MobileMe users

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There is a new phishing scheme out in the wild that is duping hundreds of MobileMe users into giving up their credit card info and other personal data. Computerworld spoke with Dan Clements, the president of CardCops, an identity protection company, who uncovered the scam.

They report that the scam was timed with the switch from .Mac to MobileMe, and was presented to people as an email asking users to re-enter their credit card information because of a billing error. CardCops claims that even very sophisticated users were falling for the attack.

They claim the reason for this is a combination of the professional nature in which the phishing email was presented, and Apple user’s trust in the company itself. While that last bit may be debatable, what isn’t debatable is that if you’ve received an email like this you’re probably going to want to cancel that credit card.

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