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Quick story.

My father is a woodworker by hobby. He’s spent most of his life building cabinets, furniture and other home projects, all with his own two hands. Many years ago, he made a block of wood for my mother. It’s heavy enough to hold a page down, but also has a decorative detail in the middle for a little bit of pizzaz. That block has been with my mother for most of my life, and she uses it to keep her place in her recipe book while cooking. It’s a staple of the kitchen, and at this point my mother has remarked that it would be difficult to cook without it.

Both my father and I think that an iPad would be great for my mom, but it’s a bit pricey for a mother’s day gift. I imagine she’d use it mainly for Epicurious, but maybe she’d create her own recipe database in Bento or something. When I saw this line of iPad stands though, I knew it would be at home in the kitchen.

These are made by Groovy Stand, and it’s a pretty simple concept: Wooden iPad stands. That’s it. No fancy dock connection here or any fancy lighting, just good, old-fashioned wood in various finishes. They have the Writer, which is angled to use the keyboard, and the Dual with two different slots with two different angles. They also have smaller models, designed to hold the iPad vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference.

The pricing on these stands is pretty good as well. The most expensive one is the Dual at $14.95, and most of their smaller stands are around $8 a piece. It’s cheap enough to buy a few different models so you can use the iPad as a display around the house. If you’re handy with wood you might be able to build one of these yourself, but at those prices, why bother?

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  1. I’ve been looking for the perfect iPad stand and I think you’ve solved my problem! Thank you! Also, you might mention that Groovy Stand has a version of each stand called “Wide” for those of us that keep a ‘skin’ on our iPad. The grooves are a little wider to accommodate the skin. I ordered the Natural Dual Wide and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

  2. Cool, I should have thought of that and made one for my mom. I took the iPad box, and cut a groove in it, which works fine, but the box is a tad large in itself. So, I’ll find a scrap of Cherry and use that.

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