iLife ’11 – Must Buy, or Do You Care?

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It’s funny how two people can have completely different reactions to the same thing.

I watched the big press event yesterday live, with my wife popping into my home office here and there to check things out. I caught myself dozing off a bit while iLife ’11 was being introduced, mostly because I rarely use the suite. Yes, it’s got some cool features, but nothing that really gets me going. “Just get to the new MacBook Air!” I kept thinking.

A few hours later, my wife walks back into the office. “I want iLife 11. Now. Seriously, can we go to the mall and pick it up?” I couldn’t believe it, but she really wanted the software pretty bad. We didn’t buy it – I’m picking it up today after work – but it was pretty crazy.

See, she’s all about the new features in iPhoto, particularly the stamped cards and new books. She made a book for her mom on mother’s day, and we were both very pleased with the results. Now we can send out Christmas cards with our kiddo on them, and all at home with minimal work. It gives her a fun project to work on, and it makes life easier.

The only real thrill for me is with iMovie. I’m excited to see the new audio features, because that was a problem I had with editing in the past. Hopefully this helps a lot.

More hands on reviews coming.

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