IE down, Firefox, Safari UP – The Browser Wars Continue…

browserinfo.jpgArstechnica has a great article up breaking down the current trends in browser usage. In the US Firefox and Safari are on the rise, while IE has taken a slight dip, but Worldwide, IE is holding it’s own. Even though Opera is not mentioned in these charts, I think they are going to be one to watch with their connections to the mobile market, and devices like the Nintendo Wii.

The Browser Wars are back in full swing, and hopefully this will lead to some cool new innovations as each company tries to grab our attention with their latest releases.

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  1. I am amazed that the usage of IE in USA is still above 70%… in most Europian countries IE usage is down under 60% in some even under 50%

  2. Yes, so do I. I personally switched from IE7 to Firefox to Opera. Loving the way opera handles your personal information and the intuitive use.