Even More iPad Stands: The Loop

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Oh, the iPad stand. It seems like there can never be enough versions of them floating around the marketplace, each one with their own little quirks. Some are sleek, some are portable, others are easy to fold up and put out of the way. In this case, we’ve got something just a touch different.

It’s called the Loop, and it’s made by Griffin, manufacturer of all things Apple. It’s a circular piece that has padded inserts that allow the iPad to sit in place without getting scratched. The iPad either sits at a slight angle for easy typing, or up for viewing vertically or horizontally.

So what makes this different than any other iPad stands? Well for one, it’s pretty cheap. Most iPad stands hover around the $49 range, with very few running under $40. This one is $29.99, which makes it almost cheap enough for an impulse buy on my end.

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