Could iOS 4.2 For iPad Be Delayed?

iPhone World reports on a rumor that iOS 4.2 for iPad won’t be released until November 24th – a week away.

Friday, Apple seeded out a new build of iOS 4.2 aimed at fixing a WiFi connection issue plaguing the iPad. However, the public release of iOS 4.2 may not come until November 24th. This would give Apple more time to test for any other issues and developers more time to ensure compatibility between iOS 4.2 and their Apps.

The latest release of iOS was previously “delayed” due to a bug that prevented iPads from connecting to a WiFi network or maintaining an internet connection over WiFi. I’ve been using the original Gold Master release of iOS 4.2 and while I love the addition of Folders and multi-tasking (it runs buttery smooth if you’re worried about lag) the WiFi bug makes connecting to the internet over anything but a 3G signal a pain.

I ran in to this issue the first day of using the GM build of iOS 4.2 – it’s an annoyance. I’ll be writing my take on the latest release of iOS for iPad once the final GM build is released. Check Apple Gazette for my full review.

Tanner Godarzi
Tanner is tech-savvy with an eye for great content who is pursuing his Bachelors of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of California—Orange County. Tanner has been a freelance Blogger and Social Media consultant for over 4 years and contributed content for O'Reilly's "Big Book Of Apple Hacks." Tanner has blogged for industry notables such as Hadley Stern for Apple Matters, C.K. for Obsessable and gave insight about Social Media for The Blog Herald. Tanner resides in Huntington Beach and is a cycling enthusiast.


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