Apple Video History: Superbowl Ads

Apple doesn’t have an extensive history with Superbowl Ads, but when they do one, it’s a real event. I’ve tried to look up every Apple Superbowl Ad in their history…and I’m not sure that I’ve found them all, so if you know of more, please leave comments below, and I’ll edit the post with the additional advertisements.

1984 – “1984”
We all know this one. Voted by many as one of the greatest commercials of all time, this Apple ad introduced the Macintosh to the world during the Superbowl in 1984.

1985 – “Lemmings”

Based on the amazing success of the 1984 ad, Apple decided to produce another ad the following year. This is the result…lightning did not strike twice, and the ad was very controversial for it’s depiction of Office users falling to their deaths.

1999 – Hal2000

At the end of the last century, Apple produced this commercial – playing up the Y2K scare…

So…are their more? If so…let me know…

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  1. Looks like you repeated “1984” for “Lemmings.”

    I remember the HAL one…it’s hard to imagine, eight years later, how much hysteria Y2K created. We, as an IT community, beat it back. Of course, I’m not so fond of the legacy…

    And yes, HAL, I do love my Mac more than you. Sorry, brother.