Apple NAB Announcements – Final Cut Server & Final Cut Studio 2 – including Color

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fcs2_box_125.jpgApple today made several announcements at NAB 2007 –

new products introduced include:

Final Cut Server – which is designed to take the grunt work of video editing away from your standard computer and put it on a centralized server. A 10 seat license for FCS is $999, with an unlimited seat license costing $1,999

Final Cut Studio 2 – including Final Cut Pro 6, ProRes 422 (which can compress 1TB of HD video down ot 170 Gbs), RED support, Shake and Motion are now integrated into Final Cut Pro (so you can access their templates without leaving FCP), Motion 3 (including some amazing 3d support), Soundtrack Pro 2, Color – a new application focusing on color management that should do for color what FCP has done for editing. FCS2 will cost $1,299, or $499 for an upgrade from FCS. FCP users can upgrade to FCS2 for only $699. Final Cut Studio 2 will be available next month.

Check out pics and live blogging from the keynote at Engadget for more info

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5 thoughts on “Apple NAB Announcements – Final Cut Server & Final Cut Studio 2 – including Color

  1. These are good products for professionals, but i think we were all expecting something more… ¿hardware?

  2. Lonon –

    Yeah, it really is a big announcement for professionals, but consumers don’t have much of anything to look forward to from today’s announcement…except enjoying the entertainment that professionals create with these new tools…

    How’s that for a spin? 🙂

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