All Nike Shoes to be iPod Compatible by year’s end

Those of you looking to track a loved one will love to know that by the end of the year all Nike shoes will be compatible with the Nike+iPod Sport Kit according to Apple Insider.

From the article:

“I won’t get into specific dates or executions, but you can expect to see some of these new Nike concepts at retail this calendar year,” Parker said

Although the exec wouldn’t disclose details, he hinted at changes to Nike’s Shox and apparel lines, including plans to make all its running shoes compatible with its Nike+ technology by the end of the year.

Nike+ allows runners to track their workouts — including distance, time and calories burned — with Apple’s line of iPod nano digital music players.

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  1. Cool idea for Nike and I bet Apple is smiling. It seems to be a big hit, I wonder if anyone else will jump on board with Nike and add iPod support to their shoes. I’m just waiting for when I can get iPod support for my pencil!