Voltus Charges Your MacBook AND Other Devices at the Same Time


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Life on the go for gadget addicts is not easy. That’s why we have all those pointers on how to expand the battery life of Apple devices. Then there is the plethora of mobile battery packs that will ensure your device will keep going during the day – or night.

There are quite a lot of options for the iPad and iPhone, but when it comes to MacBooks, the choices are narrowed down because they need more power, usually making the mobile battery packs too clunky to carry around.

With this new Kickstarter product, however, you can power your MacBook – and then some.

Voltus it is called, and boy, does it promise a lot!

The new battery pack is meant to power your USB-C MacBook and then use it to connect and charge other devices, including those which have USB 3.0.

voltus charger

How does this work?

The device serves as a connector between your MacBook and the wall socket. This ensures that Voltus is always fully charged, so that whenever you need to pack up and go somewhere, you will have an external power source.

Can that small thingamajig really power my MacBook, not to mention other devices at the same time?

The answer is yes.

voltus charger

The device is as powerful as the MacBook’s wall charger. Its internal battery is extremely high-capacity in power and can charge not only your laptop but two devices as well, say your iPhone and your iPad. Add flash drives, cameras, printers, and even another USB hub to that!

There are two versions: Voltus and Voltus Pro. The lasting power depends on the version, as seen below.

voltus hours

For a pledge of only $119, you’ll get one Voltus (35 wH) plus a USB-C charging cable. (The $99 pledge with the same perks is all gone.)

If you think this is an awesome device, be quick about it and pledge now. Visit their Kickstarter page.

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