This Week on Kickstarter (8.2.13)

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In the market for smart devices or smart objects? They’re all the rage at Kickstarter. Check out this week’s batch now.

Able-HD DIY Portable HD Monitor


An ultra-thin, super-portable HD display that can function as a second screen for any device. Its makers claim it’s lighter than an iPad and still fits into a backpack or briefcase. But beware: this one is not plug-and-play. It requires some real DIY electronics skills.



This little two-piece gadget snaps together to make your life a lot simpler. Instead of adding yet another power cord to your collection, it works with your existing USB cords to provide extra battery life for your favorite portable device. The second, snap-on piece functions as a wall charger.

TripSaver app


Matt Kepnes of travel finance blog has created his first app, which enables anyone to travel on a small budget by making it simple to keep track of your daily expenses, while suggesting the best budget for whatever part of the world you’re traveling to.



Quite possibly the smartest portable charger ever. Its sleek design comes tricked out with all the extras, including a microprocessor and a built-in OLED display.



A Bluetooth-enabled keychain tag that you can attach to just about anything that then helps you find that thing if you lose it. Like keys or other valuables.

OFF Pocket


Make your iPhone completely invisible to every signal known to man. If you need your iPhone to be untrackable, unhackable, and undistractable, then OFF pocket is your new best friend.

Choosing to pledge financial support to any Kickstarter project always carries risks. Apple Gazette will not be held responsible for any failures on the part of a project’s creator(s). These are the projects we think stand the best chance of succeeding, and that look the most interesting and useful. These listings do not represent paid endorsements, and are selected at the sole discretion of the staff of Apple Gazette.

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