This Week on Kickstarter (7.23.13)

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This week on Kickstarter: a piano keyboard for iPad that blew our minds, stick-on gamer controls for touchscreens, an ergonomic iPad holder, a little black box that makes all of your iDevices function as one, and more.

C.24 Keyboard for iPad


The C.24 is a two octave wireless music keyboard designed for iPad. The ultra portable C.24 transforms from a protective cover into a piano-style keyboard at the touch of a spring-loaded latch.

Invisible Gamepad


Love mobile gaming but missing the days of tactile controls? Invisible Gamepad attaches a set of stick-on controls that give you those buttons, thumbsticks, and D-pads you miss. Easy to apply and remove, they’re slender enough to leave on all the time and add no weight to your device.



The designer of one of my favorite iPad accessories is back with this fascinating new iPad case that helps you hold onto your tablet more ergonomically, cutting down on muscle strain and fatigue when using your device for extended periods. Despite appearances, it’s not made up of Spider-Man webs that stretch around your iPad; the red lines in the photo above are purely decorative. The ergonomic finger clip attaches to one of five “slide-and-lock” points on the back of the plastic snap-on case.



This tiny little black box is one smart accessory. Plug makes all of your devices — iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, etc. — work like they’re all one device. Kind of like an intranet for your files, photos, videos, etc. Only way smarter, ’cause you don’t have to do anything. Just plug it in.



Use your bike or a wall outlet to charge this stylish battery pack, then use the pack to power any USB-compatible device.



The latest homespun gadget to jump on the “smarthome” bandwagon, WigWag connects to and lets you control virtually anything in your world. It comes with loads of built-in sensors, and requires no programming on your end. Its accompanying iPhone app uses a simple, “when this, then that” syntax that allows you to automate your life.



Turn your iPhone’s camera into a DSLR and a fully packed photographer’s accessory bag with the use of this powerful app. It claims to be the only photo app you’ll ever need, and if it’s Kickstarter pitch is accurate, it may just be right.

Muku Shuttr


A tiny keychain accessory that lets you remote control your iPhone’s camera via a Bluetooth connection. No more arm’s-length selfies!

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