The Saber EDGE Smart Grill: Hi-tech BBQ

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Not satisfied with your traditional grill? Don’t like the hassle of monitoring grill temperatures so you get perfectly done meat every time? Or maybe you just can’t get the hang of the art of grilling. Or, perhaps you’re just always in for new technology no matter the application.

Whichever group you belong to, if you’re into grilling, you’ll want to check out the Saber EDGE, a grill that connects to your iPhone.


With the Saber EDGE, you can throw away all those thermometers you use to check the temperature. All you need is the grille, of course, your iPhone, and the app.

The Saber EDGE promises to do all the work and monitor everything that needs monitoring on a grill. One is wont to wonder what all those aspects are, though….

But the manufacturer has the answers. Aside from temperature, the grill monitors the burner status – on or off, fuel levels, and the battery life of the LCD screen that is built in.

Superfluous? I have to say so.

To be fair, it does have the advantage of allowing you to multitask since everything can be done over Wifi, so you can, for example bake in the kitchen while grilling outside.

The Saber EDGE also has pretty neat features you’ll want from any grill – an all-infrared 16,000 BTU cooking syste and 340 square inches of cooking space. 

And if you’ve got more money to burn, there are optional upgrades – a ceramic glass insert, halogen light and an app-enabled meat thermometer. 

It even has an online cookbook and social media platform. Because Instagramming all your meals isn’t enough.

Learn more from the product page.

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