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The plops SSD Enclosure Is Simple and Beautiful

the plops ssd enclosure

It may have a silly ring to it, but the plops may very well change your life – if you use SSDs regularly.

the plops is an SSD enclosure that makes things ultra simple.

Instead of having to exert some effort inserting and removing SSDs into different enclosures, the plops SSD enclosure allows you to simply push in and pull out. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Not only that, the device offers high transfer rates due to the embedded USB 3.0 ASM chipset, which supports UASP. It also has a micro USB 3.0 connector, as well as a small blue LED at the back, so you can see the SSD activity.

On the design side, the plops SSD enclosure does look good.

There are two main types.

pure plop
This plop has a fully anodized aluminum body. Perfect for Apple users who want everything to match. Any SSD drive 7mm high will fit.

the plops ssd enclosure

wood plop
For those who like the natural look, the wood plop is the way to go. It has different types of material – walnut, olive, satin walnut, santos rosewood and macasar.

the plops ssd enclosure

Here’s the presentation video so you can find out more about the plops.

The Indiegogo campaign has 14 days to go, and they’ve almost doubled their original goal. You can still get a really nice deal for $69 for the pure & wood plop bundle, though, so go visit the plops!

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