The Juiceboxx Charger Case Will Save You Money By Avoiding Frayed Cords

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As much as we love our MacBooks, we can’t deny that it has its flaws. Or rather, its accessories have some imperfections that go beyond annoying.

Does this look familiar?


No doubt. If you haven’t had a MacBook charger that looked like this at some point, then you’re lucky. To be honest, I don’t understand how Apple hasn’t come up with a solution to this persistent problem. Everyone knows frayed cables are an issue and that it costs users money! Oh, wait. Maybe that’s why it hasn’t been solved?

The good news is that there are third-party solutions to avoid frayed cables, and the Juiceboxx Charger Case is one of them.

This is the part where I disclose that the guys at Juiceboxx sent me a unit so I can give it a run.

First off, the Juiceboxx Charger Case looks pretty darned good. It reminds me of Quirky products that catch your eyes immediately. They’ve got several colors, but I just can’t get enough of red, so I’m glad the case is available in that color.

I’ve found that, design aside, the case works on two fronts for me.

One, it keeps my charger clean – at least the sides. And, yeah, pardon the bit of grime in the photo below. This charger gives me a headache when it comes to making it all white and shiny.

Two, the part of the cable connected to the charger does not bend like a bamboo tree in the middle of a storm.

Juiceboxx charger case

To be fair, if you don’t really move around when using your MacBook and your charger is always connected to one socket, the risk of frayed cables is less. And, if you are OC and clean your devices – charger included – regularly, you’re good on that end.

Still, it does provide additional support for the cable.

juiceboxx plugged

If you move around a lot – work at coffee shops, meet clients at their offices, travel to the end of the world and back – the Juiceboxx Charger Case will work best. You don’t even need extra space for it as you can just leave it clipped on to the charger (which is actually how it’s supposed to work).

Don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself. And, trust me. I’m not saying this just because I got a review unit.

I like it. Period.

The Juiceboxx Charger Case is available in blue, black, teal, and other colors, as well as in 45w, 60w, and85w.

You can buy a Juiceboxx Charger Case (or two) from the Juiceboxx site or Amazon at $19.99. For something that will protect your charger and avoid frayed cables – thus taking away the need to buy a new charger – then it does save you money.

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