The iPhone “Get Rich Quick” Stories continue…

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Ars Technica has posted a story this morning about the application “iShoot” which, after the release of a “lite” version, has been sitting at the top of the iPhone App heap for a few days now.

Apparently the developer of the App has earned over $100,000 at this point, and has quit his day job at Sun Microsystems because of the success of this application.

We’ve heard similar reports that the team at “iSteam” has made the same kind of cash from their gimmicky steam application.

It’s amazing to see the success of these applications, and with iShoot it looks like we’re dealing with a full fledged game. With iSteam and (ugh) iFart, though, we’re looking at more gimmicky, “drop $0.99 on me, I’m good for laugh” apps, and I’m concerned that we might at the beginning of an unhealthy trend for iPhone App Development.

I sincerely hope that people will continue to develop and focus on high quality applications that add value to the iPhone, and not just focus on gimmicky “get rich quick” apps.

Eventually the well will run dry on this type of thing – I’m just not sure how long that’s going to take.

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2 thoughts on “The iPhone “Get Rich Quick” Stories continue…

  1. Im with you Steve and Michael – There are a lot of apps in the store that are indeed crap and just there for the 99c ‘quick fix’ – Hopefully more devs like Culture Code (who charge $9.99 for Things) will set a new standard – I prefer to pay $5 – $10 for an app knowing that its going to be rock solid and professional.

    The days of 99c iFart, iBurp, iSpew etc… will soon end 🙂

    Terry – Australia

  2. I wish more “real” apps were made, but I’ll be releasing a few gag apps just to collect some quick money. Once my first real app is ready it would be nice to have you review it for me 🙂 It’ll be a Weather application. Still working out the deals with the various weather companies though.

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