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Sell Your Apple Device Using Flipsy, and Get as Much Cash as Possible

Sell Apple devices

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Even gadget hoarders have to get rid of some of their devices at some point. What they do when they eventually decide to let one go, I don’t know exactly, but one of the smartest things to do is to sell your old Apple device. It’s not like no one wants a used iPad 3, or an iPad 2 for that matter. You know, not everyone has to have the latest version of an Apple device. (Though it is nice to be able to afford the latest releases all the time!)

Sell Apple devices
Apple devices for cash

When it comes to selling used Apple devices, there is a huge market. So huge that there are more than a handful of web sites actually offering cash for them. Some web sites even accept non-working gadgets, for a much lower return, naturally.

There’s good old eBay. They used to have an Instant Sale portal which allowed users to cash in on their electronics, but this has been closed down. That does not mean that you cannot go through the usual process and sell your Apple gadgets via the platform, of course. You can also check out other similar sites such as NextWorth and  Cash For iPads, where you can get an instant quote depending on the details that you enter.

Naturally, you would want to get as much cash as possible for whatever it is that you’re selling. That means having to spend hours poring over web sites and comparing their quotes.

What if you had a single site which will do the dirty work for you?

That’s where Flipsy comes into the picture. Flipsy is essentially a price comparison site, albeit with a slight twist. Instead of you looking for what others are selling, you are looking for information on the figures that others are willing to pay for the item you are selling.


From the get go, it is clear that they are targeting Apple users. It is good to note, though, that they also cover consoles and books. I am sure there is an interesting market for that as well.

Using Flipsy is simple enough. You just have to specify the item you are selling, and the site will return offers from various buyback websites. You, of course, have to be totally accurate with the information you give, so that the pricing will be accurate as well. Once you have the information, you can pick out the offer that gives you the most cash. That or use the numbers to set the price on your item, which you can still sell wherever/however you want.

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