RUMORMILL Magic 8 Ball shakes out “Mac Mini” refresh at Macworld

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Apple Insider, the same site that reported the official DEATH of the Mac Mini in 2007, is now claiming, via a Wired report, that the Mac Mini is due for a refresh at Macworld.

There is nothing really detailed to report here – just that some guy heard this thing from another guy who might know someone who say this thing that one time.

Still, it’s interesting to see the “source” game in action. A year ago the Mac Mini was “officially dead” because of one of their sources – now the Wired report “corroborates what AppleInsider has privately heard about the matter”.

Gimme a break, fellas.

If it does become a reality, though, I’d be very happy to see it happen. I think in this economy an inexpensive Mac is a great idea, and I’ve always been partial to the Mac Mini, since it’s the machine that got me into Apple in the first place.

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One thought on “RUMORMILL Magic 8 Ball shakes out “Mac Mini” refresh at Macworld

  1. I no longer have any faith in the Mac Rumor community. The rumors are nothing more than a SWAG and are usually wrong. I’ve been let down so many times that now I just take it as it is and believe it when I see it.

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