Meet BOLT 2: the World’s Smallest 2.4A External Battery

bolt 2 external battery

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Battery life has always been an issue for iPhone users, and even with the improvements that are being made, the fact is that we still run out of juice some time during the day. Unless you’re always at a place where you can plug your phone into a wall socket, you probably rely heavily on your external battery.

Whether it’s a battery pack/case or a separate device, an external battery is a necessity these days. I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong if I say most – if not all – of you have one.

The thing with many external batteries is that they may not have enough power to charge your iPhone more than once; and those that can are huge.

Double Your iPhone Battery Life AND Storage, Too!

Being a huge fan of portable but powerful gadgets, I found myself quite interested in the BOLT 2 external battery.

The makers claim that it’s the smallest 2.4A external battery – which means it charges devices fast. Faster than the iPad charger!

It’s also power-packed with a capacity of 6000mAh. While that is not the most powerful external battery charger in the market, it is impressive for its size.

bolt 2 external battery

It also has two USB ports, which makes it convenient to charge your phone and tablet; or maybe make a friend at the coffee shop who is in dire need of juice.

Here’s more on how it works.

The guys behind the BOLT 2 battery charger are not n00bs. They’ve already successfully manufactured and shipped a similar product – BOLT. That’s why we have BOLT 2, d’oh!

In any case, they are looking at Kickstarter to fund BOLT 2, and if you want in on the tiny but power-packed action, check out the BOLT 2 campaign.

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