Take Advantage of Your Love for All Things Apple by Creating Streams of Income

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If you’re obsessed with all things Apple, why not take things further and make some money while you’re at it? You may not become the richest person in the cemetery, but if you come up with the right idea and put some effort into it, you’ll probably establish a nice little (or not-so-little) business that will allow you to spend more on Apple products. It’s a win-win situation, yes?

So how do you take advantage of your Apple knowledge?

Here are a few ideas.

Run your own Apple-related website

Yeah, you’ll become our competitor, but there is plenty of room for great Apple websites. You just need to elbow your way into the forefront, or at least develop a regular following. Another great thing about this idea is that there are many different angles you can use.

I suggest focusing on a specific subject. Examples:

  1. iOS/Mac game guides. Provide comprehensive guides and tips and tricks for iOS games. Create sections for each game so that your site is organized and more helpful to your users. Of course, you need to play these games to be authentic.
  2. App tutorials. Same as above – make it comprehensive and step-by-step.

Make sure that your website has a solid foundation by hiring pros to built your site, especially if you don’t have much experience in this scene. If you’re based in Australia, web development Sydney shops can help you build a professional site. If you’re based in other countries, search for web dev shops that can also give you value for your money. Furthermore, check out Apple’s Developer page.

Develop apps

make money with apple

Got an awesome idea for an app? Have you found a gap in the market? Create an app for that!

If you don’t know how to develop iOS apps, check out this free Udemy course.  Code School also has a course, which requires basic coding experience.

There may be tons of apps (and developers) out there, but if you believe in your idea, don’t let that stop you. You never know if you’ll strike gold – and you need only one break to make a nice passive income.

Launch a crowd-funded project

Don’t have the funds to build that awesome app you’ve got in mind? Or maybe you’re in the execution stage of an accessory (whether it’s for the iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch). Go to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, and launch a campaign.

Some tips:

  1. Make sure your concept is sound. Don’t try to launch an idea that you came up with during a drinking session and never really validated.
  2. Don’t start a campaign until you’re reasonably sure that you can deliver on your promise.
  3. Get a good writer on your team to create the project proposal and the campaign copy. Perfect copy will give your campaign more credibility AND entice people to back you up.
  4. Design your page so that it looks good – use videos and images tastefully. Pay extra attention to details, so that you actually provide information and not just slap images on for show.

Who cares if people call you fanboy in the not-so-good sense of the word? Take that as a compliment and make some money. Let’s see who has the last laugh then.

Got some more ideas? Share them!

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