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Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Apple Lover

Last-minute Apple gift ideas

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Only several more days before Christmas! Well, six days to be exact. If you have not been paying a lot of attention, then you might be in a bind as to your gift list. I honestly wish I could get this right, but it almost always boils down to this situation: last-minute rush thinking about what gift to give to whom. Even worse, the holiday rush makes it such a pain to go out and hunt for gifts.

If you’re in the same boat, and you are looking for last-minutes gifts of the Apple variety, don’t kill yourself yet. That’s what the Internet is for. While not everything on this list comes from Apple, anyone who is in love with the brand will appreciate any of the gifts below.

miPow Battery Extenders

miPow Power Tube
miPow Power Tube

There are several miPow products that Apple lovers will want to receive this Christmas, but you can’t go wrong with the miPow Power Tube shown above. Made for the iPod and iPhone, this battery extender has the 30-pin connector and with its 3000mAh battery, you can easily get 1.5 times your ordinary battery life. It comes in different colors and is available for $49.

Other options from the miPow line: iPad Juice cover and Power Tube 2600.

Zagg Accessories
One post will not be enough to cover the wide range of Zagg accessories that will put a smile on any iDevice user’s face. If the recipient is already using an iPad Mini, this Script Case will be perfect. At only $39.99, this is one heck of a good buy.

Last-minute Apple gift ideas
Script Case iPad Mini

Now if you’re on a tight budget, and your gift list is long, take a look at Zagg’s ongoing promo for iFrogz earbuds – buy one, get one free! Prices range from $14.99 to $49.99.

iPlunge Phone Stand

Last-minute Apple gift ideas

For a quirky but useful gift, the iPlunge phone stand is hard to beat. I think it’ll work with the iPad as well. For only $6.99, you’ll certainly add the gift of laughter to the package.

iPhone 5 Bottle Opener Case

Last-minute Apple gift ideas
iPhone 5 Bottle Opener Case

For people who love their beer as much as their iPhone, this bottle opener case might be a good idea. I personally think it’s rather ridiculous, but hey, there are people who think buying Apple products are just as ridiculous! In any case, you can get this for $24.99. Also available for those who have not yet upgraded to the iPhone 5.

The possibilities are endless, but buying an iTunes gift card might very well be the most satisfying option for everyone involved. On your part, it is very easy to buy an iTunes gift card. You can even choose from different designs – albeit limited. On the recipient’s part, he or she has all the freedom to choose what app to buy from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store. Everyone wins!

Bonus: Revisit Robin’s entry on handmade Apple gifts from Etsy. You’ll find even more ideas!

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