Kensington MiniSaver Mobile Lock – the World’s Thinnest Security Lock

kensington minisaver mobile lock

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Yesterday, Kensington announced a new product, which they are touting as the world’s thinnest security lock design for ultrabooks and tablets. Kensington has long been a trusted name in security locks for mobile devices, up to the point that coffee shops have offered their use for free in their premises.

kensington minisaver mobile lock

For gadgeteers on the go, a Kensington lock is a must-have accessory; and now, with the MiniSaver Mobile Lock, Kensington has made the deal even sweeter for people like me who are suckers for everything lightweight.

The Kensington MiniSaver Mobile Lock is perfect for small, thin, and lightweight gadgets because of its very small attach point. In its press release, the company provides details about the Kensington MiniSaver Mobile Lock:

  • Cleat locking technology – featuring retracting “claws” which grab on to the internal sides of the security slot, the MiniSaver creates a strong connection between the device shell and the lock.
  • Off-body lock – using a groundbreaking design, the MiniSaver moves the main lock housing away from the device for improved flexibility which prevents interference with surrounding ports and jacks used for other accessories.
  • One-handed operation – A simple push-button action with a single hand can engage the lock securely inside the security slot.
  • Cut-resistant cable – An engineered carbon steel and protective plastic sheath give the MiniSaver the cut-resistance and theft-resistance of much thicker cables while delivering easier mobility.
  • Pivot and rotate cable – supporting a special hinge the MiniSaver creates great freedom of movement and eliminates awkward angles so that the key may be easily inserted.

Watch the video below to learn more.

The Kensington MiniSaver Mobile Lock is being sold for $59.99, but as of writing, it’s out of stock. You can request to be notified when it becomes available here.

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