Keep Earbuds In Place With GTEAR

Keep Earbuds In Place

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Just yesterday, I wrote about wishing for Apple wireless earbuds that stay in place, and while it may not come true anytime soon, an affordable alternative might just be around the corner.

Called GTEAR, this device is a simple add-on to the existing Apple earbuds. With the GTEAR on, the earbuds are firmly placed inside the ear, keeping the earbuds in place without having to be careful of your movements.

It isn’t wireless, but it does help solve the annoyance of having to keep pushing your earbuds back in place while walking, running, jogging, or working out.

GTEAR is made of two parts:

  1. A soft, flexible black material that prevents the earbuds from falling out.
  2. A hard, durable plastic while material that is used to stick the accessory to the earbuds.

Keep Earbuds In Place

Just like that, the default Apple earbuds are transformed into sports earphones.

GTEAR comes in three sizes so you can choose which one fits your ear best, and all three sizes come with each pack. It comes in four colors: white, pink, gray, and light aqua.

You know what’s even better? GTEAR won’t burn a hole in your pocket! Check this out.

No wonder their Kickstarter project is already beyond its original funding goal! The campaign has 34 days to go, with perks still available, so go on and take a look.

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