Hulu Asks Boxee to Remove Their Content

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You know it seemed like the big companies were starting to get it. Hulu has been a great step in the right direction, but yesterday the content providers that keep Hulu up and running made yet another bone head decision that continues to prove that they just don’t understand how the world is changing.

They have collectively decided that Boxee is some kind of threat to their networks, and will thus no longer allow their content on the service.

Hulu got in touch with Boxee to break the bad news, and as of Friday, Hulu will be gone from the Boxee service.

So even though Hulu is an ad-supported model, and all Boxee is doing is helping them get more viewers (with no share of ad revenue, mind you) they view the service as some kind of threat.

It’s really kind of pathetic.

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4 thoughts on “Hulu Asks Boxee to Remove Their Content

  1. Another pathetic move by the Boneheads that be; but they should do well to remember, hulu can only be watched on a computer!!! (with hotspot shield in other countries, and on the Apple TV with the Boxee patch only world content can be watched.) So what’s the problem!!!

  2. The first chink in Hulu’s armor for me. Really it’s more like knocking them off their horse, taking their lance, and stabbing ’em in the friggin’ chest with it. That’s 33% of the reason I’d get an Apple TV, gone. Just when I thought they really got it….they pull this. Dammit.

    To hell with Hulu…I’m going to Joost.


    Pfffffff…..I can’t back that up. Joost sucks. I just hope Hulu wises up.

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