How to do makeup for a photo shoot: 7 life hacks

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To conduct a professional photo session, it is not at all necessary to use the services of makeup artists or stylists. You can easily handle this task on your own. Do-it-yourself makeup is within the power of every girl. This will require only basic decorative cosmetics, basic makeup skills, and helpful recommendations.
But if you found flaws in your makeup on the source code, do not despair. With the help of modern processing applications, you can fix any gaps in your appearance And even add eyelashes to photo on or make other makeup elements.

When doing makeup, you should focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your appearance. After all, if you can not notice any flaws in the mirror, then no trifles will hide from the close “look” of the lens. Consider the secrets of making the perfect makeup for a photo shoot:

The choice of cosmetics

In order to perform a lasting and reliable makeup, it is better to give preference to dry products. Such decorative cosmetics will be easy to use, and will also look natural in photographs. Do not save on decorative cosmetics and buy the cheapest products. Then you will not be able to hide skin irregularities and other facial imperfections. Also, before the photo session, it is better not to use products with SPF protection. This product may create a mask effect on your face in pictures.

Preparation of the skin of the face

Before applying makeup, thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your skin. In order for the tonal foundation to hide all skin imperfections as efficiently as possible, and also to last for a long time, you need to use a makeup base. This will make your makeup last longer and your skin will look naturally healthy.


It is very important to choose a tonal foundation that will perfectly match your complexion. Otherwise, your face may look unnatural and unnatural. This will only be emphasized if the shooting takes place in natural daylight. You should not go in cycles in the flawless appearance of the skin, because it must retain its naturalness.

Facial contouring

All fuzzy contours will be blurred in the lens. Therefore, you need to create an expressive clear makeup. Do not forget to apply cosmetics under the weights, on the cheekbones, and under the chin. This will give your face a special expressiveness. For durability, it is better to give preference to products with a matte pigment. It is also advantageous to look at the frame areas of the face that are highlighted with a highlighter.


The eyes are a key element in makeup for a photo shoot. For expressiveness, use black eyeliner and false eyelashes. This will make you look spectacular and attractive. When choosing eyeshadow colors, consider your eye color. Warm colors are suitable for blue-eyed and green-eyed girls: golden, brown, and peach. But brown eyes are favorably emphasized by purple and gray shadows. If you apply light shadows in the corner of the eye, your look will become even more expressive.


If you want to make a long-term eyebrow shaping, it is better to do it a few days before the photo session. This will avoid irritation on the skin under the eyebrows, which will be captured in the pictures. Don’t make your eyebrows too dark.

Lips and blush

It is important to consider that studio lighting softens any makeup by half. Therefore, it is better to apply brighter colors to the lips and cheeks. The products that you use in everyday makeup are unlikely to fit. Using lip gloss will make your lips look bigger.


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