High End iMac Becoming Hard to Find

Retailers are running out of the high end iMacs – which is a likely point towards an iMac refresh in the near future.

Ars Technica has the nuts and bolts of how and why retailers are coming up short on the high end iMac, but the bottom line is that the 3.06GHz 24-inch iMac is becoming scarce.

It’s likely that this is the end of the line for that model, but don’t expect a major exterior redesign on the product. This generational look is still pretty fresh, and was recently extended to the Macbook line – so its safe to say the overall design of the iMac will be remaining the same for the near future.

The internals on it are likely, however, to get a refresh very soon. So keep that in mind before you go making a desktop purchase over the next few weeks.


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