13 Gorgeous Rose Gold MacBook Cases & Sleeves

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Apple used to be known to release MacBooks and iMacs in standard silver colors. Recently, it has started launching models in other colors, which got some fans excited with more choices. However, if you wish to get one in rose gold, that might prove to be more of a challenge.

Yes, a MacBook in a rose gold color was previously released by Apple, but this option is no longer available. There is also a gold option for the MacBook Air, but not for MacBook Pros. Will we be able to see one again in the near future? Who’s to say? After all, it’s apparent that Apple is embracing the rainbow, as proven by its newest iMac release.

For now, if you want a MacBook in a rose gold color, you’ll have to settle for MacBook cases. Don’t worry, as there are a lot of choices in the market anyway. To make things easier for you, here are some gorgeous rose gold MacBook cases that might interest you.

KECC Rose Gold Hard Shell Laptop Case for MacBook Pro

Rose Gold MacBook Cases

If you’re aiming for sparkly and glittery, the KECC Rose Gold Hard Shell Laptop Case is the perfect MacBook cover. It features a smooth rubberized outer surface so there’s won’t be fingerprints left in there. This case looks sleek, glossy, and classy. It comes with rubberized feet to keep your MacBook from slipping or sliding.

B BELK Rose Gold Case for MacBook Air

A MacBook Air version of the previous case is the B BELK Rose Gold Case. What’s great is you can see through your MacBook’s Apple logo with this cover. Instead of rubber, this one features a layer of leather on its outer surface, which makes for a smooth texture. It also comes with a waterproof laptop leather bag. 

Comfyable Glitter Laptop Sleeve

Want just a little bit of sparkle? The Comfyable Glitter Laptop Sleeve is compatible with 13-inch MacBooks. At the bottom, you can see just the right amount of rose gold metallic glitter, but the majority of the sleeve is in PU leather. It looks like a classy laptop sleeve with just a touch of sparkle. The interior is made with faux fur and the sleeve is accentuated with gold hardware.

KECC Laptop Case for MacBook Air

Rose Gold MacBook Cases

The KECC Laptop Case features a geometric design, perfect for people who want an edge to their MacBook case design. This laptop case is easy to install and remove and provides proper ventilation so your MacBook doesn’t overheat. You also get access to all ports of your MacBook.

AOGGY Flow Hard Shell Case for MacBook Air

The AOGGY Flow Hard Shell Case features a relaxing, flowy design that’s sure to wow a crowd. The case itself is thin and lightweight so it won’t add any burden to your MacBook. It has a matte finish and looks amazing. You can stare at it and you won’t get tired of the design. This cover is made of high-quality plastic so it’ll last for a long time.

SDH Lacy Cover for MacBook Air

Rose Gold MacBook Cases

If you want something a little more simple, the SDH Lacy Cover would be a good choice. It’s basically a clear cover case but has a lacy rose gold design in the corner. That way, you can still see through most of your MacBook, but it’s accentuated with rose gold lining. This package also comes with a keyboard cover as well as a screen protector.

Mektron Marble Hard Shell Case for MacBook Pro

Rose Gold MacBook Cases

The Mektron Marble Hard Shell Case features a marbled design that’s accentuated by what looks like gold paint drips and linings. It looks like a magnificent painting that has a relaxing power due to its fluidness. You can easily snap the case on and your MacBook would be protected from scratches and bumps.

iCasso Golden Marble Hard Shell Case for MacBook Air

Another gorgeous marble case is the iCasso Golden Marble Hard Shell Case. The case itself is lightweight and provides 360° protection from bumps and scrapes. Your MacBook gets full ventilation and you can get full access to all its ports. The manufacturer uses high-quality printing to ensure that the design and the colors will last a long time.

SUPGEAR Laptop Sleeve Case

The SUPGEAR Laptop Sleeve Case is a cool laptop sleeve that’s perfect when you’re on the go. Despite its edgy design, its rose gold color still makes it look gorgeous and classy. It can protect your MacBook from water, dust, and even shock if you accidentally drop it. The sleeve features internal sleeves that can accommodate your MacBook accessories.

GatoNegroShop Gold Leaf Flower Case

Rose Gold MacBook Cases

This Gold Leaf Flower Case looks so intricate and delicate – it’s the perfect rose gold MacBook case. The case itself is made from hard plastic, so it won’t deteriorate that easily. It’s also lightweight and the cover is transparent. You can opt to get one with the Apple logo visible or one that’s invisible.

CaseFellow Natural Stone MacBook Case

The CaseFellow Natural Stone MacBook Case looks like a 3-in-1 case, with three different designs on one cover. There’s the simple part, the sparkly part, and the marble part. Nothing says sophisticated more than this MacBook case. It also gives off that geometric look and you can personalize it if you want to.

ShineyGlowey Stripped Rose Gold MacBook Case

Something that looks a little more solid is the Stripped Rose Gold MacBook Case from ShineyGlowey. It features a horizontal stripe design accentuated by real glitters. The case is waterproof and can protect your MacBook from dust and scratches. Every case is made to order and you can also ask for a custom print if desired.

AlphaCases Rose Gold Paint Marble Case

The AlphaCases Rose Gold Paint Marble Case looks like a painting canvass with flecks of gold floating along with the white and pink. This comes with a clear bottom case that offers proper ventilation for your MacBook. It can fit Retina and non-Retina MacBook Pro models, too. In addition, the case is pretty easy to install and is lightweight.

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