Charge Your iPhone in 18 Minutes With iTron

fastest iPhone charger

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Name notwithstanding – for some reason, I don’t particularly like it – this new battery pack called iTron has thrown the gauntlet, challenging every battery pack maker in the market today.

Showcased at CES, iTron is supposed to be able to fully charge your iPhone (6S) in 18 minutes.

That’s less time it would take you to shower and get ready for work!

If it delivers, then we have the winner for the fastest iPhone charger in the world.

Even more impressive is the fact that iTron recharges itself in 3 minutes to get your iPhone all juiced up.

Did I say fastest iPhone charger already?

fastest iphone charger
Ooops. Wrong image?

I can stop here and know that you’re already wondering where to get this beast that can charge your iPhone in 18 minutes.

But I’m a stickler for details, so indulge me.

iTron has a long lifespan, with more than 1,000 charging cycles. This is double than the average cycle of battery packs.

It has eight protection mechanisms, so you don’t have to worry about overheating, burning, or blowing up iPhones.

It comes with a portable charger and a charging hub/dock. I guess this is where the “Tron” part comes into play. (Glowing lights?)

fastest iPhone charger

iTron is not available right now, but you can pre-order.

And here’s a treat, right from their website:

Get the iCode and claim your iTron for only $50! By claiming the code, you only need to pay the difference from the $50 when it launches. The price goes up after it officially launches.
Limit: 100 codes ; MSRP: $89

Get the code.

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