Euro .Mac Users – Is your .Mac Service running slow?

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MacNN is reporting that European .Mac users are noticing a crippling of downloads from iWeb websites as well as images from the .Mac Web Galleries. Being in the US, I can’t test it for myself, but I can say that I’m not seeing that kind of problem here.

I know we have a large Euro Readeship, so I thought I would ask for your feedback. Is there a problem with .Mac across the pod?

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25 thoughts on “Euro .Mac Users – Is your .Mac Service running slow?

  1. I am also experiencing some slowdowns when uploading to my iDisk and viewing my website (which is served from the iDisk). Its not a huge problem but it is annoying… lets hope Apple get it fixed soon.

    – Sam (UK)

  2. Yes there is a problem. Now that the storage space is large enough and that you are able to post to a personal domain, only the speed is really bad. 80Kb/s is much to slow.

    They should’ve put up some .mac servers in europe!

    Kind regards,

  3. The problem is with shadows on images and text on iWeb. It’s causing websites to run slow on i.e.

    If you remove the shadowing the site runs at normal speed.

    No problem in Safari though.

  4. downloading from iDisk (through Transmit) is pretty fast. Actually way faster than before the upgrade. My website, created with iWeb and hosted on .mac is slow as usual.

  5. I tried uploading over 1gb to iDisk and it took so long (ie days), I gave up.

    I know its is a lot to upload, but with the space there, I want to be able to use it quickly.

  6. .mac is awfully slow in Belgium. It is actually embarassing to send links to my .mac web galleries to my friends and family because they all complain it is so slow… I really hope Apple does something about this.

  7. Hi

    I am a regular poster to a thread on .Mac Web Gallery discussion forum on the lack of speed of the .Mac service for european customers and have sent dozens of e-mails to Apple .Mac support asking them to resolve the issue. I first made contact with them on the 3 September 2007.
    I have asked them to cancel my account and return my money. They will not even reply to my e-mail.
    If you are from Europe


    Apples latest reply follows:

    I understand that it has been a few weeks now that you have reported this issue to us.

    I am sorry for all the frustation this issue has caused and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

    We are still working toward a resolution for the issue you have reported. As of today, I can not make any comments on what Apple intend to do and unfortunately I cannot give you any time frame for a resolution.

    Be assure that I would love to give you good news but as this time, it is not possible.

    I appreciate your patience.

    Again I apologize for all inconvenience this issue is causing to you.”

    All the best

    Conned by Apple

  8. Slow speeds here in Frankfurt too, and back home in the UK. It’s very embarrassing to send my .mac web gallery to friends, as it’s way too slow to load, and sometimes photos don’t appear at all (blank box with a cross in the middle!). For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed to have an apple product as it is so poor.

    I wish I had known of these issues before I paid 99 euros. All I can do is echo the warning of Terrence above me and say: DON’T BUY APPLE!

  9. Very slow in Denmark too. I have a subscription to .mac because of the features. But iDisk and mail is very slow on a Mac, (dont even try to access with a windows machine).

  10. It´s kind of funny or tragical actually, that Apple made all those great apps like iPhoto and iWeb and provide such a slow connection on .Mac. Can´t anyone tell Mr. Jobs to action in this matter. I mean, if I advise friends to buy macs because it is more easy to use, but some key functions acts like the early ninetees, they probably stick with their Windows machines.

  11. I’m in the US. My imac was fine until a week ago, now everything is incredibly slow, and often I can’t attach photos to mail, etc. What’s going on?

  12. Here in Spain happens the same thing. 60KB/s Upload clearly limited. The bandwith graphic seems like it have been cutten with a knife. Download speeds are better:) 40KB/s…. at it best.


    Some european ISPs are cutting down transfer speeds on some ports (specialy P2P) and/or IPs… this does not seem to be the case.

  13. It’s very slow, and it’s a shame. As a concept, iLife, iWeb etc with the DotMac integration is great, but I’m using only some 150 MB because of slow speed: this way it’s kind of usable….
    This cannot be the intention of DotMac

  14. I signed up to the account as the back up and syn features are great. But now I’m like everyone else, trying to move photos, files and other files. Just tried to move 50MB from hard drive to Dot Mac, after about twenty minutes the dot mac server gave a warning then dumped the transfer. Also the WHOLE mac seems to slow down, I don’t get it. REALLY REALLY sucks, not worth the cash. I’m in UK with Plus Net and pay for super transfer speeds. I

    Is anyone getting cash back for the significant under performance issues?

  15. forget about this service in denmark. I cant imagine why apple offers .mac trials, when it’s a complete bummer to use. i was really trying to see what the buzz was about, but with these speeds…forget it.

    If the up the speed, i might consider it again.

    Apple guys… think win win for each side, not just your own.
    know what I mean?

  16. EXTREMELY , painfully, horribly slow in Switzerland as well ! If you want to lose 80 euros, that’s the thing for you, but it will be much easier just to throw it out the window.

  17. Hello,
    I just signed up for a .Mac trial in Norway. I have just 10 MB (!) of data I want to share between a Mac and a PC. Both computers are connected to iDisk. The transfer rate is so slow (1-2 min) that I cannot use it. I had to download the files locally to the pc – then make changes – and wait painfully long for the transfer. This is totally useless. Stay away from .Mac in Europe until Apple can confirm proper transfer rates.
    Finn Ove

  18. Yeah – from Denmark too – i STRONGLY advice my clients and students against dotmac – it completely useless – its really embarrising that they’re pushing the trial runs when you buy a new mac – it gives switchers a really impression of Apple. Actually I’m looking into a class action suite or other means of putting the heat on Apple. it should be pretty easy to rally the needed number of people to raise the money.

  19. Very slow in Estonia too.

    Unfortunately I didn’t notice this when I was on trial, just after I bought the membership and uploaded complete iWeb site.

    I hope Apple will act on this.

  20. Well I’m uploading 35Mb to my iDisk from here in the Netherlands and it’s going to take about 30 minutes! We have 25mbit upload here at work.

    I’ve gone back to using my local domain and Cyberduck.

  21. My dot.mac account is very slow here in Belgium. Up- and download is to slow. I find they should also make dot mac available on the Iphone.

  22. It is very slow in Sweden too.. Yes, IT IS EMBARRISING.
    Has Apple commentate it? I dont think so..
    And the protests are so lame..

  23. It is very slow in Italy too: the download from iDisk of 1MB requires about 30 seconds.
    The problem of slow speed exists from years.

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