Duet – the Charging Dock for Apple Watch Owners

apple watch charging dock

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So you’ve got yourself an Apple Watch. I am 99.99 percent sure that you own an iPhone as well. And so is Antsy Labs.

The group has launched a Kickstarter project which features an Apple Watch charging dock. It’s called Duet, and appropriately so, because not only does it serve as a dock for the Watch, it also gives your iPhone juice. The dock is made of two parts – one for the Watch and one for the iPhone.

Their tagline “An elegant charging solution bringing iPhone and Apple Watch together in perfect harmony” sums it up perfectly.

Overall, the design looks good, although the dock could be a little thinner. The makers justify the chunky look, though:

From the moment you get your hands on your Duet, you’ll notice its weight. It’s precisely machined from a solid block of aluminum, giving it the best possible premium feel to match your devices.

Aside from the looks, what other reason do you have to back this Apple Watch charging dock?

Here’s one reason: the dock can work as one, but the two parts can be separated as well.

apple watch charging dock

apple watch charging dock

If you’re particular about color – which you likely are, being an Apple user – then you’ll be happy to know that Duet comes in Silver, Space Gray, and Gold finishes. Sound familiar?

Take a closer look at Duet by watching the video below.

Isn’t the dock an excellent solution?

Apple Watch owners, would you buy this dock? If so, get in early and back the project up.

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