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Looking for an Apple Watch band that’ll set you apart from the rest? Searching for a great and functional present for your boyfriend or your dad? There are many options in the market when it comes to Apple Watch bands for men. If you’re currently on the lookout for one, here are some awesome choices you can check out.

Monowear Nylon Band

Utilitarian designs are popular among men who prefer the rugged aesthetic. The Monowear Nylon Band is an Apple Watch strap that looks simple but not too basic. It’s not too flashy and sports a rugger military style. The strap is made with two layers of woven nylon so durability certainly won’t be an issue. It also comes with a set of stainless steel adaptors so it’s compatible with any of the Apple Watch series, even the special edition ones.

Urban Armor Gear Active Watch Strap

The Urban Armor Gear Active Watch Strap is great for people who like to exercise and constantly stay active. This strap is designed to withstand the toughest environments, so it won’t give up on you no matter where you go. It’s made with a high-strength material so its durability is incredibly high. The strap also features stainless steel hardware as well as a hook-and-loop fastener for added security. It can accompany you on beach trips or even when you’re rock climbing in the mountains. Smartwatch is also becoming a popular option for those who love working out. See superwatches for a review of the best waterproof smartwatches. This will come useful as you decide on your next fitness gadget.

Jack Foster Natural Chromexcel Leather Strap

If your main focus is aesthetics, the Jack Foster Natural Chromexcel Leather Strap is the perfect watch accessory. Coming from Jack Foster, you’re guaranteed that this Apple Watch strap is made with high-quality materials and crafted with utmost precision. You get to choose the thread and buckle before they create this strap from scratch for you. Hence, with this strap, you know that it’s made especially for you only after you’ve placed your order.

Nomad Brown Leather Modern Strap

Speaking of leather, another worthy choice for your Apple Watch is the Nomad Brown Leather Modern Strap. Nomad is a famous tech accessory brand and for good reason – the company creates well-designed accessories that are known to last. With this strap, you get premium craftsmanship as well as excellent quality. It’s an awesome Apple Watch band that performs great and looks good, too.

Bexar Goods Apple Watch Strap

While not as functional as the others, the Bexar Goods Apple Watch Strap is on the lead when it comes to good looks. For one, it features an American Bridle Leather band that is cut with utmost precision. In addition, this strap also features Apple Watch hardware as well as a range of alternative hardware finishes that will cater to your mood and style. You can easily tell that this Apple Watch band is modern and stylish with just one look.

MIFA Apple Watch Leather Band

The MIFA Apple Watch Leather Band is a classic full leather watch strap for men who like it simple. The strap is made with genuine brown leather and sports an anodized black stainless steel watch buckle. Its Apple Watch adapter also connects the pin without the need for screws. It’s quick and easy to install and remove so you can just slip it in and slide it out when you want to change the watchband.

Anwaut Solid Stainless Steel Wristband

For a more solid look and feel, the Anwaut Solid Stainless Steel Wristband is a good choice. It’s a lightweight Apple Watch band that sports a slim design, which makes for a lightweight and comfortable accessory. You can use it on a daily basis or style it up with more formal clothing during special occasions. This strap is crafted from premium 304 stainless steel, so it’ll stand the test of time. Plus, it’s also anti-slip and water-resistant so you won’t have to worry about water spills.

Tasikar Leather Silicone Band

The Tasikar Leather Silicone Band is made with a combination of genuine vintage leather and silicone. Thanks to the latter material, this strap feels soft and smooth to the touch and makes for a comfortable Apple Watch strap. There were no cheap fillers or toxic substances used in the creation of this beautiful piece. It also offers a seamless connection that’ll connect to your Apple Watch and keep it secured for good.

Carterjett Soft Silicone Sport iWatch Band

The perfect accompaniment for people who love the outdoors is the Carterjett Soft Silicone Sport iWatch Band. The strap is engineered to adhere to the athletic lifestyle. It’s lightweight and very comfortable to use thanks to its soft silicone material. This band is also incredibly flexible and breathable, so sweat and movement definitely won’t be an issue. Plus, no screws are needed or used for the adapters so your Apple Watch would be safely and firmly attached.

LDFAS Solid Stainless Steel Metal Link Band

The LDFAS Solid Stainless Steel Metal Link Band is a sturdy watch band good for any occasion. It’s sweatproof and waterproof, so you can even use it when you go for a swim. The strap is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel with half of its length capable of adjustment to fit your wrist perfectly.


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