Apple AirTags Are Here, And We’re Delighted

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The long wait is over and Apple AirTags are finally here! Since the rumor about it began in 2019, fans have been waiting eagerly for its launch. This tracking device was recently released at the Apple Event and people can’t wait to get their hands on it. Apple AirTags can be found using Bluetooth connectivity and the Find My app.

If you wish to try it out first, you can get one for $29. However, if you have more than one use for it, you can opt to get a set of four AirTags for $99. Do note that these prices exclude attachment accessories and AirTags can’t attach to items on their own. Pre-order for these devices began last April 23 but they’ll be available online and in stores starting April 30.

Sadly, these AirTags are not rechargeable. That means that you’ll have to buy a battery replacement every time it runs out of battery juice. Don’t worry too much about the cost though, as it’s designed to last a year before you’ll need a battery replacement. It utilizes CR2032 batteries, which are commonly available in regular stores.

One thing that makes AirTags shine is their resistance to water and dust. That means that even if your item gets submerged in water, your Apple AirTag will still work and you’ll still be able to locate it. To operate an AirTag, your iPhone or iPod touch must be running on iOS 14.5 later. If you’re using an iPad, then it should be running on iPadOS 14.5 or later.

If you’re using an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 model, you should have no problem with Precision Finding. This is a feature unique to Apple AirTag, which is designed with the Apple U1 chip. Thanks to this chip, this tracker can use Ultra-Wideband technology to find locations more precisely.

It utilizes data coming from the different components of your iPhone such as the camera, accelerometer, ARKit, and gyroscope. The chip gathers all this information to provide location tracking more accurately. Hence, your iPhone can tell you exactly where your Apple AirTag is using the Find My app. It can tell you how far the object is and which direction to go.

In addition, it can also make AirTag play a sound to help locate it much faster. What’s even better is it has a VoiceOver feature, which aids direct blind or low-vision users in finding this object. If you’re close to an AirTag, it uses Bluetooth connectivity for tracking. However, if it’s far from your reach, these trackers will utilize the Find My app network.

As usual, Apple doesn’t disappoint when it comes to privacy issues. The data between AirTags and the Find My network is end-to-end encrypted. That means that only the owner of the particular AirTag and the iPhone has access to the location data. AirTags themselves are not capable of storing data.

Plus, Apple AirTags also feature rotating signal identifiers as well as unwanted AirTag detection. It means that these devices can detect other AirTags nearby and warns users if there’s an unknown one constantly close to them. This helps if someone sneakily attaches an AirTag in one of your belongings to secretly locate you.

Similar to other Apple devices, AirTags can also be put under Lost Mode in case you lose them. With this mode turned on, anyone who finds the lost AirTag can contact its owner. That way, there’s less reason for you to worry about losing your items forever.

While the AirTags do feature amazing tracking power, one thing to note is that it can’t attach on its own. The need to purchase accessories to make these tracking devices attach to items might seem a bit too extra for some people. As this device is a new product on the market, there’s not a lot of options for its accessories at the moment.

At the moment, Apple has partnered with Hermès to make high-quality accessories for AirTags. However, this might be too expensive for most people. As such, you might have to wait a little bit for other third-party accessories to come out to save some bucks. For now, one cannot deny that the Apple AirTags are definitely promising when it comes to tracking devices and it’s here to stay.

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