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Affordable Wireless Headphones That Don’t Sacrifice Quality

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The iPhone 7 finally did it, they got rid of the headphone jack and now we’re all searching for affordable wireless headphones. Apple stated that getting rid of the headphone jack makes more room for internal hardware like batteries and the fancy new camera. But it also kind of inconveniences some of us. Especially those of us who tend to lose everything that isn’t attached to us or doesn’t ring when we call it. I finally bought a pair a few weeks ago for running because I hate the cord that seems to get in the way. Also, I’m 6’3″ and there doesn’t seem to a cord on the market that is long enough for me. Before I spent money on a pair, I spent hours pouring through reviews and trying to figure out what the best ones were. Here are the front-runners.

affordable wireless headphones
Skullcandy Hesh 2 – Some Skullcandy headphones are ridiculously overpriced, but the Hesh series has always impressed me. The sound quality in these is incredible, in fact, it’s so good that I used to use them when I was DJing (before I gave in and bought my beloved Pioneers). The only drawback is that you have to treat them pretty kindly as they have shaky wiring and a tendency to break easily.

affordable wireless headphones
Sweatproof – I eventually settled on these headphones for running and I’ve been incredibly pleased (so far) with them. They’ve held up to sweat and rain and the sound is great. They claim that they’re noise cancelling and I don’t know how true that is, but for under fifty bucks they might just be the best wireless workout headphones on the market.

affordable wireless headphones
BOHM Wireless – If you’re serious about your sound quality then BOHM offers great products. These over the ear headphones are noise cancelling and give you a bass that makes even the deepest house crystal clear. They also have an 18 hour charge and a mic built in. I wore a pair of these once and I was amazed at how comfortable they were. Definitely worth checking out.

Edelin – The Edelin headphones give you a little bit of everything and for a very affordable price. They have pretty good sound quality, a decent battery life and are comfortable. If you’re just looking for a pair to wear while you run or hit the gym then these might be perfect for you. I don’t think I’d make them my everyday headphones since I’ve noticed that the mic quality isn’t perfect, but they’re worth checking out.

affordable wireless headphones
Heiyo – These affordable wireless headphones are great for hitting the gym. They have a 7 hour life span so as long as you’re not lazy about charging them, they won’t quit in the middle of your workout. I really like the behind the hear fit and I’ve always thought that it give me a little more support when I’m working out. They have great reviews on Amazon and a mic. They also have buttons that make it easy to adjust your volume.

Samsung Level U – I have a bunch of friends that have bought bluetooth headphones from Samsung and they constantly rave about them. The Level U are affordable and have a great battery life. They’re not waterproof (they claim they’re splashproof) so I wouldn’t wear them while running. But the quality in them is supposedly great. If you’re looking for an easy pair to wear while you’re walking or on the train then these might be the set for you.

affordable wireless headphones
Powerbeats 2 – Beats are another brand that are very overpriced, the name is a lot more bark than bite. But if you can find a pair refurbished for under $100 then you’re getting what you pay for. I wouldn’t ever walk into an Apple store and buy them off the shelf. The reviews for these are pretty solid and they’re a very popular pair.

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