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Not only useful as a fashion piece that can help you to look good all day, but the clothes you wear can also affect how your body shape looks. You may not be as voluptuous but because the clothing type you used is not proper – you end up looking fat. If you want your appearance to look slimmer but still stylish, here are some tips on how to choose clothes that can give the effect of a slimmer body!


Choose the right material for your outfit

Choosing the right material for your outfit is important to make sure the clothes you wear can give a slim impression. Wearing clothing made of thin fabric is the key to this. Thin fabrics have a little something extra that can help mold, shape, and hug your curves.


Choose clothes with small patterned

Opting to wear clothes with small patterns can give you the impression of a slimmer body. While on the other hand, clothes with large patterns can make you look fuller. You have to be mindful in choosing your outfit in order to get the best result!


Layering clothes

You may wonder why layering can help to make your physique seem slimmer? The reason is none other than because when you layer your clothing, people around you will think that you look bulky due to the clothes that you stacked on your body. Not because of your body itself.

The key, in order to successfully layered your clothes, is to ensure that you did not button your clothing pieces. Buttoning all the pieces can make it look stuffy.


Wear a V-collared shirt

Using clothes with a V-collar model is also effective to make your body appear slimmer. The reason is that clothes with a V-collar model can make your neck appear longer. Thus your collarbone can be the focus.


Show your curves

Show your curves by wearing a dress with a cut near the waist. This can be helpful to make you look slimmer. If you don’t have a dress with this kind of model, you can wear a belt instead to show your curves. Purchase your belt here to get the best and easiest online shopping experience.

Dress is not the only way for you to show your curves, you can also do it while wearing a t-shirt. Wear your t-shirt by putting it in your pants or your skirt. This can enhance your waist area, and help to let the curvy body part visible.


Monochromatic look

Using a colorful outfit can definitely help make your outfit look cool and stylish. But if you want to make your body appear slimmer, you should instead opt to wear a matching color for your whole outfit. Monochromatic is definitely the best way to achieve this – especially if you want to wear black monochromatic look. It won’t only make your body look slim, but it can also make you look elegant.


Pair skinny jeans with heels

Show the shape of your beautiful legs with a combination of skinny jeans and pointed heels. This trick can give the effect of your body looking slimmer because skinny jeans and pointed heels can make your body look more level than it should be.


Avoid pressing bodycon outfit

Avoid using a bodycon dress because even though it can give you a sexy impression, a bodycon dress will make your full body more clearly displayed.

For skirt choice – you should also avoid wearing span skirts. If you want to wear a skirt, you should opt to wear an A-line skirt. You may think that donning a tight skirt can give you an attractive impression, but on the contrary, it will only make your body look stuck inside the tight outfit. Instead of wearing a tight skirt, you should opt to wear a flowy A-line skirt that can help to create the illusion of a slimmer body for you


Avoid using lace-up heels

Avoid using sandals or heels that use lace to be tied around the leg area. Because this type of footwear can make your leg appear swell. Instead of wearing this, you should opt to wear a comfortable pointed heel to support your body.


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