TV finally coming to iTunes in Canada

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So it’s possible that some of you Canadian readers woke up with a surprise in your iTunes this morning (I don’t know for sure – since I’m not in Canada – fill us in in the comments). Reports are coming in that Apple will be adding a small number of television shows to the Canadian iTunes store as early as today.

A handful of shows from the CBC, CTV, and a few US Networks will be available at launch (which could be official Wed if all goes well). At most it could take a few weeks to get everything rolling properly to have an official launch.

It looks like the NHL will be making its way to iTunes shortly too – so both US and Canadian hockey fans have that to look forward to in the very near future.

You know, at this point, I’ve almost forgotten about the iTunes video store, and I’m wondering if a small handful of shows is going to be enough to interest Canadian viewers this late in the iTune TV game.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “TV finally coming to iTunes in Canada

  1. If it’s anything like the UK iTunes store, it’ll be no homegrown tv shows at all, just American tv shows that no one has heard of and all at a ludicrously expensive price. I was eagerly awaiting the launch of TV Shows on iTunes UK, but when it finally came earlier this year, it was a bitter disappointment. I’m not the only one who felt this way and continue to do so. The comments on the store listings are still packed full of complaints.

    I hope our fellow commonwealth members get a better deal.

  2. About fuckin time..

    They better give us some american programming too. Btw they haven’t released them yet. At least not for me

  3. There is one thing that Apple can do to save its fast sinking itunes video business in my point of view. That is to start movie rentals and may be a subscription service too.

    The thing is video is different from audio as Steve himself said. You can listen to a song a thousand times and still wanna listen to it more, but you can never watch a movie more than two or three times. So there is no point at all in selling $10 – $15 movies because people always have a way to get them for free. Good karma here doesn’t prevail. The only thing that prevails here is a good bargain as as for me the itunes movie and video store is anything but a good bargain.

    Apple, you need to act now.

  4. FYI, there are a few shows but they are mostly crappy CBC shows that you can watch for free on your TV and rabbit ears. The only American shows so far are the ones licensed through Comedy Central.

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