Tunecore gives away 34 songs in iTunes

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Tunecore is one of those services that really could change the music world. They have a revolutionary service that gets anyone into iTunes, and lets them keep 100% of their music sale royalties.

In a lot of ways its like a POD publisher for writers. They give you the means to get your work out there – but usually, it’s up to you to do the promoting.

Well, Tunecore is even scoring points in that area with this latest promotion. They are giving away 34 tracks from Tunecore artists including Public Enemy, Care Bears on Fire (you read that right), The Shakes, and more. While not all of the music is great, it’s nice to have such a wide variety to sample.

You can click here to check it out.

Thanks to Matt for sending this in.

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  1. Thanks for the kind works, Michael! That’s exactly the idea–to put the distribution in the hands of artists, let them control their own destinies. And the songs on that free album were chosen editorially: if we liked them, they went on. There are some big names, yes, but also some relative unknowns. Good music should be heard!

    Thanks again. If you or your readers have any questions about TuneCore or the industry, just let me know.


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